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Industrial Valves For Your Bussiness

Center Lined
Butterfly Valves

Butterfly control valve is mainly suitable for large diameter, large flow, thick slurry and suspended particles of fluid flow control.

Butterfly Valve

High performance butterfly valves provide enhanced shutoff and feature an eccentric mounting disc with a soft or metal seal.

Triple Offset Metal Seat
Butterfly Valve

The main advantage of triple offset butterfly valves is conical sealing design, which ensures repeatable sealing and prolongs valve life.

Water Works Butterfly Valve

This valve is mainly used for water supply and sewerage, and is designed for easy operation even under heavy operating conditions.

Dual Plate Check Valve

Dual plate check valves come standard with no retainers, close the pressure boundary and completely eliminate potential leak paths.

Various Types of Valves

We design various valves according to customer requirements and the cost of a given type and size of valve can vary by 100%.

Worm Gear Actuators

The main advantage of worm gears is
their ability to provide a high reduction ratio and thus a high torque multiplier.