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Maintaining strong core values

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Building & Construction

The building and construction industries have unique requirements, which must be taken into account when designing and installing water supply and distribution systems. SWV designs solutions for the building and construction industries with careful consideration of critical issues such as continuous water supply, noise and maintenance considerations, integration and control, and high water consumption.


Why us!

We have over 25 years of experience in the field of valves and a diverse team of experts, including experienced assembly line operators and experienced technicians in the field of valves. Our goal is to provide cost-effective products with the best service.

Continuous maintenance

We are a group that has been growing since 1997, and it is advantageous not only to advance in technology but also to maintain lasting relationships.

Great control and openness

We manufacture valves with unobstructed flow lines and high controllability. Precise design makes high quality valves that are durable and highly efficient.

Safe in extreme temperatures

It is manufactured considering several factors to ensure safe and stable operation even in extreme temperature conditions.

Safe and precise operation

Smooth and safe operation is determined by precisely actuated control valves. Production quality is highest when the valves most effectively regulate process variables such as temperature, pressure and flow.

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